Butters & Spreads

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BioToday has over 20 different butters & spreads in the assortment. All of them are vegan, without any artificial additives and off course 100% organic. Are you a sweet lover? BioToday has spreads made of dates, figs or plums. For the savory fans BioToday has a lot of different nut butters, spreads with legumes and off course peanut butter as well. Scroll all the way down to check out the entire butter & spread range.

Sea on your bread?

Our BioToday seaweed tapenade contains three different types of seaweed: kombu, ulva and sea spaghetti. The rich spices combined with the seaweed give a very unique flavour to this tapenade. It tastes excellent on a sandwich, wrap or cracker with your favorite toppings like cheese, avocado and rocket salad. You can also use it as (a basis for) a salad dressing.


The BioToday organic coconut spreads are a loco-coco-party in a jar. It’s delicious on bread, in sweet baked goods, on waffles or pancakes. Besides its divine sweet coconut taste, the spreads are
also completely free from any artificial additives or refined sugars. Our tip: try the coconut spread in a chocolate smoothie for a sweet bounty flavoured breakfast or snack!