Almond paste chocolate cups

With a handful of ingredients you can make these easy almond paste chocolate cups. With a nice crunchy chocolate layer and creamy filling, this is the perfect snack for when you fancy something sweet.

Requirements Almond paste chocolate cups:
Silicone mini cupcake shape

Ingredients Almond paste chocolate cups:
This recipe is for about 10 almond butter chocolate cups:

100 grams of dark chocolate
1 tablespoon of BioToday coconut oil
4 tablespoons of BioToday almond paste
1 tablespoon of BioToday maple syrup
Almond shavings for decoration

Preparation method Almond paste chocolate cups:
Break the chocolate into small pieces and put them together with the coconut oil in a bowl. Melt the chocolate au bain-marie or in the microwave.
Mix the almond butter with the maple syrup. Now divide a teaspoon of the melted chocolate into a silicone mini cupcake mold. Divide the chocolate with a teaspoon so that the bottom and sides are completely covered. Repeat until all cupcake shapes are made up. Put them in the freezer for 10 minutes. Fill the molds with the almond paste. Make sure that a small edge at the top remains empty.
Finish the cups by pouring a teaspoon of the melted chocolate over the almond paste. Decorate the chocolate cups with some almond shavings and let them stiffen in the refrigerator for at least half an hour.
Carefully remove the silicone molds and store the chocolate cups in the refrigerator until use.