Tropical breakfast bowl

tart your day delicious and healthy with a Tropical Breakfast Bowl. That way you get your vitamins and you are well satiated. The combination of the different tropical fruits is so good! Together with Granola Banana Bread makes it a rich breakfast that you benefit from all day long.

Ingredients Tropical Breakfast Bowl:
2 bananas (frozen and sliced)
1 mango
4 tablespoons Abbot Kinney’s coco starts mango
4 tablespoons of BioToday Granola banana bread
1 tablespoon of BioToday grated coconut
1 passion fruit

Method of preparation Tropical Breakfast Bowl:
Cut half of the mango into coarse blocks and the other half into small cubes. Puree the coarse pieces of mango into a smooth sauce.
Put the frozen slices of banana in a narrow measuring cup and mash them together with the coconut yoghurt. (please note that the hand blender has an ice crusher function).
Divide the ice between two cups. If the ice is too soft, put it in the freezer for a while. Divide the granola and small cubes of mango over the ice. Finish with the grated coconut, the mango sauce and the flesh of the passion fruit.